If you can laugh together, you can work together.
- Robert Orben

Specialist skills from a trusted team

I work with carefully selected associates who deliver training courses on their specialist topics. They are great to know, highly professional and passionate people developers who share the same ethos and values.

Lyn Bromley

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Lyn is Managing Director of a leading image consultancy with an organisation that currently spans the UK, Europe and Asia. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in advising people on how to manage their appearance so that it’s appropriate for every situation.

Training courses available: Maximise Your Personal Presence.



Pardip Singhota

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Pardip is a generalist HR consultant aiding companies to create motivated and productive employees. She provides hands on support and advice to build teams who believe in your product/service as much as you do, with everyone working towards the same ambitious goals.



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Angela has a HR-heart and a business-brain and the courage to challenge the status quo when appropriate. Angela took an already high-performing group and raised the bar including improved engagement, retention and performance. Angela consistently performs above expectations and is well regarded, very happy to recommend.
- John McFall, Director Customer Management at Rolls-Royce