Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.
- Robert Orben

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We offer a trial 60 minute coaching session to everyone at the same rate of £80 + VAT. It keeps things simple and  gives us an opportunity to see whether we could work well together.  

However, if you do decide to proceed with coaching it’s only fair to mention up front that we have different rates for corporate, business and private coaching clients; the different rates are consistently applied and range from £80 - £300 (excl. VAT) per session.

The different rates are because...

  • Corporate coaching, and business coaching have additional requirements for multi-party input and reporting.
  • Some people prefer face-to-face coaching and others prefer telephone or Skype.
  • We ‘walk the talk’ on making the same high quality service accessible to leaders at all levels.

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Money back guarantee: If after the trial 60 minute coaching session you are not clearer about your situation and what you need to do next I’ll refund your money.

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  • I understand the nature of coaching and what to expect as described in the Private Coaching Brochure, Corporate Coaching Brochure or Business Coaching Brochure as applicable.
  • Best endeavours will be made to find a mutually agreeable time/date for the session, if we are unable to agree a time a refund will be offered.
  • Trial session will be via Skype or telephone, you will Skype or call me at the agreed time.
  • If you fail to attend the scheduled coaching session the fee will be forfeit and no refund offered.
  • Trial coaching session is approximately 15 minutes to clarify any questions on coaching and build rapport plus 45 minutes coaching.
  • Request for refund must be via email within 7 calendar days of the trial session.
  • Trial coaching sessions are limited to one session per person

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Angela did a great job of facilitating the 3-day workshop with the senior engineering stakeholders. After some well-managed creative conflict we arrived at consensus for a simplified and globally applicable development program, which will ensure our sizeable graduate population is well-equipped to fulfil our early career talent needs into the future.
- Glenn Kiser, Strategic Interstaff Direction and Planning at Rolls-Royce
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Nov 21 2016

Bloody hell, being a speaker at TEDx Leamington Spa was quite a ride! This blog is about my personal journey from burnout to bouncing back, and being a woman on a mission to engage hearts and minds so together we can avoid the impending burnout epidemic.

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Do you recognise these 3 Steps to Burnout?
Nov 18 2016

Some years ago one of my friends had a cardiac arrest in the office and died, he was a fit and healthy male in his mid 30s who was rising up the career ladder; he was survived by his wife and young child.

Guest Blog: Are you taking a lunch break?
Nov 11 2016

Is your business or organisation suffering with individuals who complain of feeling stressed, unmanageable workloads, not enough time in the day?  Comical as this may sound, ask them if they are taking a break from their work and work space?