The goal of coaching is the goal of good management:
to make the most of an organisation’s valuable resources.
- Harvard Business Review

Maximising individual performance to get results

Coaching is powerful and enabling. It focuses on individuals and seeks to enhance their natural abilities within the context of your organisation’s current and future business needs.

In particular, we work with

  • Senior managers who are responsible for seeing through change programmes,  and
  • Mid-level managers who are charged with delivering the business strategy.

As a leader,  do you find you are asked to deliver results with fewer and fewer resources?  Are you trying to manage a fragmented and often virtual workforce?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the sheer complexity of what you have to deliver?

You are not alone. These are challenges that face all leaders, and we can help you to overcome them.  You can benefit from a coach who is skilled at asking powerful questions, someone who keeps you focused on what really matters and a trusted advisor who holds you to account for actions that create breakthrough performance for you and your team.

We are independent performance coaches with a track record of delivering significant business outcomes.

Coaching frameworks provide structure and best practice around a tailored coaching relationship. The result is that you succeed in the things that matter to your business.

Coaching Frameworks Provide Structure and Best Practice for Common Issues

A coaching framework is

  • a specific set of coaching tools that address a challenge often faced by managers, leaders and business owners.
  • based on best practice solutions for specific issues.
  • pragmatic, easy to communicate tools that distil the critical information and enable informed action.

A framework helps to provide a sense of structure and rigour for those who are new to or sceptical about coaching.

Top 10 Leadership Challenges

We have 10 coaching frameworks available, to find out how you measure up against the elements of each topic click on the titles below to download a one-page self-assessment.

  1. Leadership dashboard (self-assessment)                             
  2. Strategic planning (self-assessment)                                 
  3. Engage & mobilise your team (self-assessment)                     
  4. Influence (planning tool)                                                      
  5. Communicate simply & powerfully (self-assessment)             
  6. Success in a new role (self-assessment)                                 
  7. Team performance (self-assessment)             
  8. Coaching through change                               
  9. Creating a high performance culture   
  10. 360° feedback          

Fix-fee per complete framework. Contact us to discuss your specific needs 01543 439562

Download a one-page summary of Angela’s corporate coaching credentials


From sometime cynic to convert in 9 thought provoking, sometimes difficult, self-exploratory, confidence building, me-empowering, now-we’re-really-moving  sessions.
- Sara, author

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