Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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White House in USA lit up in rainbow colours

Diversity creates dissent, and you need that!


[An inclusive workplace is] one where all who come with the professional skills sufficient to perform the requirements of the job feel welcome, supported, and rewarded, and are inspired to succeed based on their ability.” Says Brad Wilson… Read more

9 box grid used for talent review as a precursor to leadership succession planning

10 reasons why you are NOT leadership material


Companies that fall short on managing leadership succession and development end up facing performance challenges due to market changes and talent attrition. Those companies will be forced to hire untested external talent or promote internal staff with… Read more

How do you compare to others?


When was the last time you obtained absolutely objective, detailed feedback on your management competencies and leadership style? Do you know how you compare to your same-level peers across the UK? Do you want to know? Really? Now you can! Measurable… Read more

5 steps to turn career pain into gain


We have all failed at work in some capacity whether it was a deadline that slipped, a clunky conversation or failing to deliver the expected results... of course it was "early in our career" when these things happened. Sometimes it was our actions… Read more

Nick Vujicic: Failing <> Failure


"Fear will disable you more than having no limbs" was the startling message from Nick Vujicic who has been one of my role models for resilience since I heard of him in 2010. Born with no arms and no legs Nick Vujicic has made his fortune as… Read more

Video Elevator Pitches


Have you had to make your corporate video yet? How about a video testimonial? Whether you want to raise your profile on linkedin for professional reasons, your department is doing video biographies of the leadership team or whether you're growing… Read more

Improve your Leadership Presence (Guest blog)


Leaders come in many guises, from successful business people like Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg, to spiritual and political leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.  One thing effective leaders have in common is presence and by learning how… Read more

passing a relay baton

8 Tips for letting go to grow (handover)


At some point we all need to handover the things that we know and do well so that either we can progress or so that we can scale up operations. It can be uncomfortable to leave familiar ground when you have put in the hard graft to build a team and processes… Read more

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Angela walks the talk and support us in developing our authentic leadership style. Her expertise has made the experience rewarding for us all and I can confidently say that she is held in the highest regard by the entire graduate community.
- Ryan Goodnight, Sales Development Manager at Rolls-Royce