Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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5 steps to turn career pain into gain


We have all failed at work in some capacity whether it was a deadline that slipped, a clunky conversation or failing to deliver the expected results... of course it was "early in our career" when these things happened. Sometimes it was our actions… Read more

Nick Vujicic: Failing <> Failure


"Fear will disable you more than having no limbs" was the startling message from Nick Vujicic who has been one of my role models for resilience since I heard of him in 2010. Born with no arms and no legs Nick Vujicic has made his fortune as… Read more

Video Elevator Pitches


Have you had to make your corporate video yet? How about a video testimonial? Whether you want to raise your profile on linkedin for professional reasons, your department is doing video biographies of the leadership team or whether you're growing… Read more

Improve your Leadership Presence (Guest blog)


Leaders come in many guises, from successful business people like Richard Branson and Sheryl Sandberg, to spiritual and political leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.  One thing effective leaders have in common is presence and by learning how… Read more

passing a relay baton

8 Tips for letting go to grow (handover)


At some point we all need to handover the things that we know and do well so that either we can progress or so that we can scale up operations. It can be uncomfortable to leave familiar ground when you have put in the hard graft to build a team and processes… Read more

Beyond the "Big Speech" - Everyday leadership


Leaders spend a tiny fraction of their time giving public speeches. Instead, leadership happens moment by moment, both through words and deeds. Each moment sends messages that can ripple throughout the organization, with impact that the leader may or… Read more

Female Leaders (International Women's Day 2015)


Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.(Virat Kohli). What I have also come to realise is that maintaining self-belief can sometimes be hard work in itself. If you are in a minority group the lack of visible role models can make… Read more

mid-section of a man in a suit carrying out a box of office belongings

8 Ways to Derail a Career in the First 100 Days


According to the Institute of Leadership & Management more than a third of UK workers – 37% – are hoping to leave their current job in 2015 (up from 19% in 2014). However 40% percent of senior managers hired from the outside fail within… Read more

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Wow, I had a whole factory of lightbulbs going off in my head. Angela's questions created amazing insight, and she totally changed my mindset on a fundamental area of my work/life that was really holding me back. If you haven't yet talked to Angela, give her a call!
- Private coaching client (first session), MD of marketing company