Our Mission: Improving everyone's working day through better leadership.
- Angela Armstrong

Armstrong (Coaching & Consulting)

I started Armstrong (Coaching & Consulting) to deliver leadership development solutions that combine learning about how to ‘do’ leadership with how to ‘be’ a leader.


We are passionate about improving everyone’s working day through better leadership


To develop authentic, resilient and change-capable leaders who can sustain high performance and nurture future talent.


Improving the quality of leadership not only improves overall productivity, customer satisfaction and employee retention it improves our health, well-being and relationships outside of work too – now that’s a ripple effect worth striving for.

The pace of change is ever increasing; technological advances create new ways of working, and expectations of transparency. Leadership practises must evolve to remain relevant today ...and into the future.

Who we are

My background includes both highly demanding operational roles and experience of working in a busy human resources team. I understand that a company can achieve outstanding results when, and only when,business strategy and talent strategy come together.

I work with associates that have complementary specialist offerings which we combine as required to meet your specific needs.

If you work with us, I will always be your main point of contact ...the buck stops here.

Who we work with

We support business owners, business managers and HR professionals in companies and organisations of all sizes – from small companies to large corporates ... in the private and public sectors.

  • Senior decision makers and ambitious individuals.
  • Business owners of companies targeting high growth.
  • Industries: IT, Engineering, Professional Services
  • Anywhere in the UK (coaching available internationally)

What we do

Enable people to achieve their full leadership potential.

We focus on equipping leaders at all levels with the ability to deliver operational results in ways that build trust, tirelessly and flexibly over the long term.

Our work falls into three main areas:

  1. Training: instructor led training for companies at their premises or preferred venue, either as a stand-alone course or as part of a comprehensive leadership programme.
  2. One-to-one coaching packages: impactful conversations for corporates developing their key talent, business owners, or high potential individuals paying for their own coaching.
  3. Consultancy: practical solutions that blend the right mix of consultancy, training, mentoring, coaching and facilitation to meet your business need. 

How we do it

We have a wealth of corporate experience, and we can “leverage your human capital” but we find that people (not 'assets' or 'resources') engage more readily when we use plain English.

Our core values

  • Integrity and respect
    • Putting client interests at the heart of our management/work style
    • Exercising excellent business and professional judgement
    • Being known to be trustworthy, honest and fair
    • Respecting diversity of people, viewpoints and ways of working
  • Working with others
    • Collaborating with colleagues, stakeholders, partners, suppliers and others
    • Acknowledging best practice,  changing what is required to achieve excellence
    • Building relationships and creating connections
    • Having low-ego and being professional, engaging and easy to work with
  • Positive impact
    • Taking a strategic view, able to balance short term and longer term objectives
    • Tailoring delivery to your context to achieve relevant and measurable outcomes
    • Enabling companies and individuals to set and achieve a higher standard
    • Intense sense of social purpose. Donating our time, talents and 10% of profits
  • Keeping it Simple
    • Understanding complexity, synergies and conflicts to resolve the root cause
    • Distilling layers of insights into simple pragmatic actions
    • Keeping everything as simple as possible, as detailed as necessary
    • Communicating in plain English
  • Commitment to Excellence
    • Holding ourselves to account to achieve delivery promises, and exceed expectations
    • Combining work as advisors and practitioners to maintain relevance and empathy
    • Having the courage of our convictions to do what must be done, even when it is hard
    • Constantly improving our knowledge, skills and processes so we add more value

Commitment to quality and diversity

  • We integrate our work as trainers and as practitioners to deliver leadership development that works.
  • Our materials are regularly refreshed as a result of our ongoing continuing professional development.
  • We are an equal opportunities company, we believe in inclusion for all.

Find out more

In thissection you can find out more about me, my associates and the community projects we support and you can also see what our clients say about our work in 'testimonials'.

I will be adding to the blog in the coming months and I also share a variety of articles, thoughts and other content on Twitter and LinkedIn so there are a number of ways to contact us, connect and engage.

Get in touch

If you believe that great leadership requires capability and character, and you want to equip your leaders with the skills to deliver sustainable operational performance and nurture future leaders we can help.

Just call me, Angela Armstrong on 01543 439562 or email angela@angelaarmstrong.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.


From sometime cynic to convert in 9 thought provoking, sometimes difficult, self-exploratory, confidence building, me-empowering, now-we’re-really-moving  sessions.
- Sara, author
Mandela Annual Lecture: Obama Speech
July 18 2018

Barack Obama addressed the world’s media and an audience of 15,000 people in Johannesburg, South Africa for the annual Nelson Mandela lecture, celebrating the centenary of Mandela’s birth.

Personal resilience - the struggle is real
Jun 06 2018

Many people I train or coach on the subject of resilience (wellbeing) are high performers seeking to differentiate from their peers by “going the extra mile” and often the path they take is one of long hours… working harder, but not always smarter.

three levels of leadership James Scouller
Three Levels of Leadership
May 17 2018

This model, whilst deceptively simple to explain, contains artistry in the distillation and integration of many leadership models that came before it, building on their strengths, addressing their limitations and adding ‘presence’.

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