Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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Personal resilience - the struggle is real
Jun 06 2018

Many people I train or coach on the subject of resilience (wellbeing) are high performers seeking to differentiate from their peers by “going the extra mile” and often the path they take is one of long hours… working harder, but not always smarter.

three levels of leadership James Scouller
Three Levels of Leadership
May 17 2018

This model, whilst deceptively simple to explain, contains artistry in the distillation and integration of many leadership models that came before it, building on their strengths, addressing their limitations and adding ‘presence’.

Neurodiversity: Tips for Training Professionals
Apr 05 2018

It’s Autism Awareness Week and I wanted to share some top tips I’ve picked up through research, having autistic family members, and speaking with adult participants who are on the autism spectrum. More specifically this blog considers dyslexia and high functioning Asperger syndrome (now old terminology but one that is descriptive of those who are comparatively closer to neurotypicals).