Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

Blended solutions that solve real problems

Here are some case study examples of business problems solved using our services:

Problem: No single supplier offers all the learning solutions we need.

Solution and benefits: Consultancy + Course + Coaching.

  • We support you to design a leadership programme that is fit-for-purpose.
  • You gain access to our network of contacts to help find suppliers who are a good ‘fit’ for your organisation and who offer the learning solutions you need. They might be in-house, existing or new suppliers.
  • Releases you from the project management headache of integrating and co-ordinating the offerings of multiple suppliers.

Angela is a very passionate, committed and extremely knowledgeable individual in the field of talent & leadership development and coaching. Angela has a sound, principled and structured understanding of how to engage and work constructively with people at all levels to find improved ways of developing talented individuals and groups to deliver superior business results and to ensure this is sustainable and embedded within the culture of the team and organisation. I would welcome the opportunity of working with Angela again in the future
Tony Atherton, Head of Executive Development & International Learning at Rolls-Royce

Problem: Delegates need mentoring to apply the learning to real-world problems.

Solution and benefits: Course + Mentoring.

  • Delegates embed the learning from the course through application in the workplace.
  • Practitioner accelerates the delegates through the learning curve by using their insight and experience to address the “devil in the detail” questions that only arise in the application of course concepts.
  • More robust outcomes.
  • Increased speed of delivery.

Angela is a bright and talented Change Manager who understands what it takes to get the business where it needs to go, ensuring that all stakeholders are on board, whilst delivering ambitious plans that respond to the business need. She operates strategically yet remains able to drill down to the detail when specific interventions are required, breaking down complex situations for teams to take timely action. Angela's turnaround and programme management skills are exemplary. She gained the confidence of the board and led 11 work streams to a successful go-live. Angela is professional, capable, approachable, resourceful, and calm under pressure. I would strongly recommend and endorse Angela’s work
Mark Trumper, previously senior manager at Accenture now NHS

Problem: We need support to define a vision and change strategy.

Solution and benefits: All services combined.

  • An experienced change manager guides you through the steps of change, explaining each step in plain English.
  • Focuses effort on the vital few activities that deliver most value in the short and longer term.
  • The vision, strategy and high-level plan are challenging but achievable, inspired by dreams, informed by industry insight and grounded in data.
  • Sponsors can communicate the change in ways that inform, motivate and engage staff.

Angela delivered consultancy, change management training and workshop facilitation for us as part of our high growth strategy. It was of enormous value to us to combine these different services because Angela proposed actionable insights based on our raw data, trained us in the fundamentals of change using examples that were tailored to our company and facilitated workshops so the team co-created our vision.  As MD I feel informed, supported and confident in the outcomes. Angela is very personable and professional; she effortlessly engaged with my team so they are motivated and keen to take ownership of next steps. Growth Accelerator matched funding meant that even as a small business we were able to engage someone of Angela’s calibre, which gives me peace of mind. I will definitely be calling on Angela’s services again
Karen Wharton, Business Owner Obsession Salon & Spa

Problem: We need to come up with some new ideas to solve our problems.

Solution and benefits: Facilitation.

  • Facilitator selects appropriate techniques from an extensive toolkit to help you explore, define, gather, generate, group, screen, prioritise and plan.
  • New ways of looking at a problem often generate new ideas on how to solve it.
  • You are able to participate rather than facilitate.
  • Facilitator makes the best use of the talent in the room for the time you have available.
  • An independent facilitator is not biased so attendees support the outcome more readily.

Angela did a great job of facilitating the 3-day workshop with the senior engineering stakeholders. It’s often very difficult with engineers getting too far down in the weeds and I thought she did well in keeping the discussions on pace, within scope and at the appropriate level. I particularly liked how she clearly stated the vision up front and continually checked it along the way with the group. After some well-managed creative conflict we arrived at consensus for a simplified and globally applicable development program, which will ensure our sizeable graduate population is well-equipped to fulfil our early career talent needs into the future
Glenn Kiser, Strategic Interstaff Direction and Planning at Rolls-Royce

Problem: We want to know what our people really think about our leadership.

Solution and benefits: Facilitation + Consultancy.

  • Facilitator guides you in making research design choices about the method to use, the questions to ask and defining the target population to ensure that findings are statistically valid and generate insight on the problem to be solved.
  • An external facilitator provides people with a ‘safe space’ where they feel they can be more candid than they would be with a colleague, which leads to richer and more nuanced insight on the problem.
  • Facilitator questions skillfully to ensure comments are qualified by examples to ‘weigh’ the input.
  • Summarises feedback intelligently and concisely to propose actionable leadership insights.

Angela designed a series of focus groups to prompt discussion and gather feedback from a variety of stakeholders groups at different levels of the organisational hierarchy. The design step ensured that all the facilitators were aligned on the purpose and key questions to explore.  The discussions were well attended and provided rich insight.  Angela facilitated the discussions with the senior stakeholders and consolidated outputs from all the groups. The focus groups enabled us to respond to a change in strategic direction and quickly gain approval for a robust and radical redesign to our global talent development programme
Julie Hawkins, Early Career Development Consultant – Engineering Organisation

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