Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

Change Anything! Skillpower and Willpower

skillpower + willpower = results

Working towards our goals, whether they are personal or work-related often requires us to change existing behaviour patterns. It’s all too easy once we’re back at work and in our daily routines to return to the behaviour patterns that we are used to. Willpower alone is not enough, engage these additional 5 sources of influence too...

Traditionally the New Year is a time of thinking ahead to what we want to achieve in the next 12 months. We're 1 week in - are you still on track so far?

A research study of 5000 people intending to change found that 4400 failed and 600 succeeded (and went on to maintain their desired new behaviour for over 3 years!).

Based on extensive research this excellent TEDx video of Al Switzler explains the 4 essential steps and 6 sources of influence that we need to control so that we are not reliant on willpower alone.

Want to be healthier? Want to increase your visibility at work? Want to improve your leadership behaviours?

Watch this video (click image to play)

...and give yourself the best possible chance of changing your behaviour – for good.

6 influences tug of war cartoon

The key content is at 3 – 9 minutes (notes below), although watching the whole talk once through (19 minutes) provides additional context (using health & fitness examples). You can take the same principles and apply them to work-related goals too.

4 Essential Steps

  1. Identify your crucial moments (when you need to mindfully choose between old/new behaviour)
  2. Create your vital behaviours (which control the ‘crucial moment’ for the 3-4 minutes it takes to disrupt the old behaviour pattern & form a new one)
  3. Engage the 6 sources of influence (see below)
  4. Turn bad days into good data (a plan is not a plan unless it specifies how you will deal with setbacks).

6 Sources of Influence

Six sources of influence





What behaviour do you need to change to achieve your goals?

Happy to discuss, let me know your thoughts on this blog post

Best wishes



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