Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

The Camaraderie of Gutsy Women

Successful corporate women shaking hands

I am feeling inspired and energised after contributing to an event that brought together some of the UK’s most successful women from the corporate, charity and entrepreneur worlds. The theme was  believe + action = anything is possible.

The 70+ attendees were members of Jo Cameron’s Achievers Academy for Women (AAW), along with 11 mentees (daughters/nieces/protégé aged 14-25) - inspiring the next generation.

The line up of speakers included:

  • Emer Timmons – President BT Global Services UK (P&L of £4.8 Billion)
  • Laura Tenison – Founder Jo Jo Maman Bebe (start up to £44M business)
  • Julie White – Midlands Business Woman of the Year
  • Sally Bourner – Head of Policing Solihull
  • Rachel Elnaugh – Founder Red Letter Days, formerly Dragon’s Den
  • Jane Walker – Founder Philippine Children’s Foundation

+ others who gave workshops in parallel streams
+ myself and Grace Marshall who each gave workshops to the mentee group
It was a positive, lively and humorous event with a purpose, these things stood out for me:

  1. High achieving women encourage and support those around them to achieve more and be more, because they know that success is not scarce.
  2. Living your core values and pursuing an inspirational goal provides the drive that’s necessary to leave comfort zones far behind.
  3. Self-belief is not constant, sometimes you have to dig deep and “fake it until you feel it”. 

Since leaving my corporate career and starting my own business I have spent considerably more time outside my comfort zone than in it. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster of self-belief, from selling my first work and subsequently extending contracts to discovering there’s nowhere to hide and I have to do the things I least like to do. Fortunately being a coach means I have a wealth of resources, tools and techniques at my fingertips!

Being a business owner is exhausting at times but I have never felt so alive, I am living my purpose to improve everyone’s working day and help others achieve success (however they define it). I am a gutsy and highly capable woman and I continue to be inspired by the success, authenticity and camaraderie of the successful AAW business women that I have come to call my friends.

What have you done recently to top up your inspiration, or to inspire and encourage others?

Have a great weekend


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- Mark Trumper, previously senior manager at Accenture now NHS

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