Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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three levels of leadership James Scouller

Three Levels of Leadership


This model, whilst deceptively simple to explain, contains artistry in the distillation and integration of many leadership models that came before it, building on their strengths, addressing their limitations and adding ‘presence’. By integrating… Read more

Neurodiversity: Tips for Training Professionals


It’s Autism Awareness Week and I wanted to share some top tips I’ve picked up through research, having autistic family members, and speaking with adult participants who are on the autism spectrum. More specifically this blog considers dyslexia and… Read more

UN Sustainability Goals

Impact beyond your organisation


Thankfully CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is now an expectation of all employers.  Many of us choose to work with people who hold similar values to our own, and actively avoid those with conflicting values.  I'm heartened that companies… Read more

You're on the wrong path


Some conversations are tough as hell for mentors in the workplace, as well as for the person they are speaking to. Leading with courage and compassion can be a great kindness. I was lucky enough to have a career mentor who showed me great compassion… Read more

Professional Services: Grounded Leadership


As the snow and high winds batter the North of England I am reminded of using the Angel of the North (height 20m and foundation 21m) as a metaphor for grounded leadership. A grounded leader is mentally and emotionally stable, makes practical and… Read more

"My" TEDx How to Solve the Stress Epidemic


Bloody hell, being a speaker at TEDx Leamington Spa was quite a ride! This blog is about my personal journey from burnout to bouncing back, and being a woman on a mission to engage hearts and minds so together we can avoid the impending burnout epidemic. Skip… Read more

Blog - Man at desk overstressed

Do you recognise these 3 Steps to Burnout?


Some years ago one of my friends had a cardiac arrest in the office and died, he was a fit and healthy male in his mid 30s who was rising up the career ladder; he was survived by his wife and young child. If you think a cardiac arrest sounds melodramatic… Read more

Guest Blog: Are you taking a lunch break?


Is your business or organisation suffering with individuals who complain of feeling stressed, unmanageable workloads, not enough time in the day?  Comical as this may sound, ask them if they are taking a break from their work and work space? An… Read more

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Angela is a very passionate, committed and extremely knowledgeable individual in the field of talent & leadership development and coaching.
- Tony Atherton, Head of Executive Development & International Learning at Rolls-Royce