Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
- Helen Keller

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Your Most Resourceful Self (Body)


Our bodies are a living memory of all our previous experiences. Vividly recall a specific past event and our physiology changes to mimic (at a lower intensity) how we felt at the time: tense, happy, sad etc. We can use this to our advantage, for example… Read more

graphical image of a brain with brain waves and thoughts extending beyond skull.

We can rewire our brains for success (Mind)


Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Long ago the battle lines were drawn up between Faith and Science, now it appears there is a significant blurring of the line. Psychologists,… Read more

Thank you - say it like you mean it!


The simple act of saying thank you, authentically and fairly, can significantly improve relationships among colleagues and make workplace environments more positive for all who work there. Here are 5 ways your staff would like you to express your… Read more

Quote - Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit - Bernard Williams

Resilience as a foundation to facing fear


There’s an intimate connection between overcoming fear and feeling resilient. After all how can you feel the fear and still step forward when in the back of your mind you believe that a negative outcome will significantly destabilise your ability… Read more

Employee roadmap for change at a bank

4 Steps to say it with impact


This isn’t a blog about infographics – but they do illustrate my point (pun intended!). We’re all bombarded with information every day and it is all too easy to get distracted, get lost in the detail or miss the main message. Leaders… Read more

two business people with candy floss instead of heads

I don't do pink and fluffy, do you?


In my experience there are two main approaches to HR-type conversations and to coaching, there’s the head tilted on one side “issues and tissues” approach and then there’s the “I hear you, now what can you do about it”… Read more

half Scottish flag, half Union flag

Scotland and a Demand for Trustworthy Politics


Today Scotland voted in a fair, legal and decisive democratic process to remain part of the United Kingdom, it is an historic day. Setting aside personal views on the integrity, intention, capability and results of the different political leaders, and… Read more

Derby Launch of Achievers Academy for Women


A new and inspirational community for businesswomen launched in Derby this week. Jo Cameron's exclusive and nationally acclaimed Achievers Academy for Women (AAW) opened its 17th group which will be led by myself, Angela Armstrong. The growing… Read more

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Angela designed a series of focus groups to prompt discussion and gather feedback from a variety of stakeholders groups at different levels of the organisational hierarchy. The design step ensured that all the facilitators were aligned on the purpose and key questions to explore.  The discussions were well attended and provided rich insight.  This enabled us to gain approval for a robust and radical redesign to our global talent development programme
- Julie Hawkins, Early Career Development Consultant – Engineering Organisation