Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.
- Harold S. Geneen

Building Trust-Based Relationships

1-day course.

Course Objectives

To enable delegates to build strong trust-based relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. 


This training has been developed in response to:

  • High profile scandals eroding employee and customer confidence in both individuals and the companies they represent.
  • Ongoing economic pressures, companies and business units that are able to work together on the basis of trust significantly accelerate speed and therefore lower the cost to serve.
  • Realities of a knowledge-worker-based global economy and remote working.


Trust is the source of our influence. Low trust creates hidden agendas, politics, interpersonal conflict, interdepartmental rivalries, win-lose thinking, defence and protective communication – all of which reduce the speed of trust. Low trust leads to overzealous policies and processes coupled with compliance and layers of governance in an attempt to manage the behaviour of a minority.

Key Benefits

As a result of fully participating in the course delegates will know how to

  • Improve relationships at work and at home.
  • Reduce ‘spin’ & ‘politicking’ so energy is focused on delivering business outcomes.
  • Increase loyalty and enjoyment of interactions.
  • Improve ease of interaction with colleagues so that the working day is more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Improve accountability and ownership.
  • Provide a shared language to make discussion about trust easier to start.
  • Develop role models for trust that can influence the wider company culture more quickly than you'd expect.
  • Identify ways of working that undermine trust.
  • Put their learning into practice in the workplace by creating their own personal action plan during the course.

Training Style

The course is interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including case studies, personal reflection and action planning.

Who is it for?

Building Trust-Based Relationships is suitable for anyone in an organisation; it is especially beneficial to anyone managing or leading others or people who need to build relationships with others outside of their immediate work context. We recommend that delegates attend Developing Self-Trust before attending this course.

Key Content

  • The 13 behaviours of high trust leaders and how these impact speed and cost of delivery in the workplace. 
Character Behaviours Competence Behaviours
Talk Straight Deliver Results
Demonstrate Respect Get Better
Create Transparency Confront Reality
Right Wrongs Clarify Expectations
Show Loyalty Practise Accountability
Character & Competence Behaviours
Listen first
Keep Commitments
Extend Trust

Based on The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey

  • Self-assessment against the 13 behaviours.
  • Taking action.

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Developing Self-Trust, which enables delegates to develop their personal credibility as a foundation of trust and influence.


All our courses are delivered at the client’s preferred venue (e.g. workplace or local hotel).


The content & examples can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements.

Contact us to book or find out more

Every client’s needs are different. We offer a flexible delivery model and collaborative approach to deliver a complementary solution that integrates with your leadership strategy and existing training portfolio. Find out more in Services, or Contact Us to enquire about tailoring courses to meet your needs, master classes, webinars, open courses, bespoke training or broader leadership development solutions.

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Our approach

Our high quality instructor-led leadership training:

  • Delivers practical, actionable skills and behaviours
  • Informs and encourages dialogue to interpret ‘best practice’ into ‘future practice’
  • Focuses on the person, their growth and maximising their potential
  • Emphasises performance, effectiveness and solutions
  • Joins the dots between executive vision and front-line delivery

Actionable insights

  • Delegates are encouraged to question, discuss and challenge the material whether they are newly recruited graduates or members of the board.
  • All our trainers are current practitioners in their field and have cross-industry experience so delegates are ably supported to derive their own context-specific insights and action plans.


Thank you Angela, I had the most productive day I have had in ages. I estimate that I am going to save 1-2 hours per day by being more effective following your training so it was certainly a worthwhile day out of the office!
- Rob Borland, Validation Engineer, Caterpillar

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