Overall, it's about credibility, walking the talk.
- Anne Mulcahy

Developing Self-Trust

1-day course.

Course Objectives

To enable delegates to develop their personal credibility as a foundation of trust and influence.


In many organisations decision-making is delegated as close to the front-line as possible; leaders at all levels are held accountable and often need to deliver results through collaboration with others. This training has been developed to explain how personal credibility (integrity, intent, capability and results) directly impacts someone's ability to influence and build trust with others.


Low trust creates hidden agendas, politics, interpersonal conflict, interdepartmental rivalries, win-lose thinking, defence and protective communication – all of which reduce the speed of trust. Low trust leads to overzealous policies and processes coupled with compliance and layers of governance in an attempt to manage the behaviour of a minority. Every individual can become an agent in establishing or restoring trust and in rebuilding relationships, and it can change a culture more quickly than you might expect.

Trust... is the key leadership competency of the new global economy. (Stephen M.R.Covey)

Key Benefits

As a result of fully participating in the course delegates will know how to

  • Increase self-awareness of personal values and how they influence decision-making.
  • Carry out a self-audit of personal credibility and understand tangible changes that can be made to improve.
  • Recognise that others might place different importance/weight on shortfalls in trust - which will affect their interpersonal relationships and ability to influence.
  • Understand the tangible business (and personal) impact of low or high trust.
  • Improve accountability and ownership.
  • improve capacity to influence and extend trust to others.
  • Put their learning into practice in the workplace by creating their own personal action plan during the course.

Training Style

The course is interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including case studies, personal reflection and action planning.

Who is it for?

Developing Self-Trust is suitable for anyone in an organisation.

Key Content

  • Why trust matters in business (and in life).
  • Personal credibility (character and competence) is the foundation of all trust.
  • Self-assessment against the 4 cores of credibility:
    1. Integrity – are you congruent?
    2. Intent – what’s your agenda?
    3. Capabilities – are you relevant?
    4. Results – what’s your track record?
  • Taking action.

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All our courses are delivered at the client’s preferred venue (e.g. workplace or local hotel).


The content and examples can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements.

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Every client’s needs are different. We offer a flexible delivery model and collaborative approach to deliver a complementary solution that integrates with your leadership strategy and existing training portfolio. Find out more in Services, or Contact Us to enquire about tailoring courses to meet your needs, master classes, webinars, open courses, bespoke training or broader leadership development solutions.

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Our approach

Our high quality instructor-led leadership training:

  • Delivers practical, actionable skills and behaviours
  • Informs and encourages dialogue to interpret ‘best practice’ into ‘future practice’
  • Focuses on the person, their growth and maximising their potential
  • Emphasises performance, effectiveness and solutions
  • Joins the dots between executive vision and front-line delivery

Actionable insights

  • Delegates are encouraged to question, discuss and challenge the material whether they are newly recruited graduates or members of the board.
  • All our trainers are current practitioners in their field and have cross-industry experience so delegates are ably supported to derive their own context-specific insights and action plans.


Angela delivered consultancy, change management training and workshop facilitation for us as part of our high growth strategy.  As MD I feel informed, supported and confident in the outcomes. Angela is very personable and professional; she effortlessly engaged with my team so they are motivated and keen to take ownership of next steps.
- Karen Wharton, Business Owner Obsession Salon & Spa

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