Speed of change is the driving force.
Leading change competently is the only answer.
- John Kotter

Leading Change

1-day course.

Course Objectives

To enable leaders and managers to initiate, sponsor and deliver effective change through activities that provide inspiration, clarity and direction.


This course is based on years of change leadership experience. The pace of change continues to increase and many organisations have multiple change programmes running at the same time. Leading change is different from leading business-as-usual. However, the processes required for strategic change often seem overcomplicated and unwieldy once cascaded to business units for implementation. Smaller businesses need a more pragmatic approach too.


John Kotter identified 8 steps of change in 1996, and they have stood the test of time.  The primary activities needed for successful implementation are also well-known and well-documented, after all change is nothing new. Using the 8 steps to determine the timeline for implementing the primary activities leads to a project plan.  Taking a pragmatic view of the primary activities provides a set of simple tools that are easy to communicate, delegate and complete enabling organisations to move at pace, with confidence.

This course has a particular focus on the first 3 steps: establishing a compelling need for change, creating a vision of the future and getting the right team in place to deliver it. The ability to lead change is a necessary leadership skill; change programmes that are launched with insufficient direction at the outset, are less efficient in the long term and are unlikely to achieve the intended benefits.

Key Benefits

As a result of fully participating in the course delegates will know how to

  • Increase in-house capability to lead change.
  • Improve communications through having a shared language for talking about change.
  • Provide a framework to understand the scope, scale and urgency of change.
  • Improve understanding of how to create a compelling vision that motivates and energises people.
  • Understand personal response to change and take into account how it varies from person to person.
  • Inform decisions on who should be part of the change team.
  • Put their learning into practice in the workplace by creating their own personal action plan during the course.

Training Style

The course is interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including structured exercises, personal reflection and action planning.

Who is it for?

Leaders of departments or business units who are tasked with interpreting wider organisational change programmes for their particular context, or for business owners and senior management teams of small-medium companies.

Key Content

  • Why leading change is different from leading business-as-usual.
  • Personal responses to change.
  • The 8 steps of change.
  • Step 1: Establishing a compelling need for change.
  • Step 2: Creating a vision of the future.
  • Step 3: Getting the right team in place to deliver it.
  • An overview of primary change management activities.
  • Taking action.

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All our courses are delivered at the client’s preferred venue (e.g. workplace or local hotel).


The content & examples can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements.

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Our approach

Our high quality instructor-led leadership training:

  • Delivers practical, actionable skills and behaviours
  • Informs and encourages dialogue to interpret ‘best practice’ into ‘future practice’
  • Focuses on the person, their growth and maximising their potential
  • Emphasises performance, effectiveness and solutions
  • Joins the dots between executive vision and front-line delivery

Actionable insights

  • Delegates are encouraged to question, discuss and challenge the material whether they are newly recruited graduates or members of the board.
  • All our trainers are current practitioners in their field and have cross-industry experience so delegates are ably supported to derive their own context-specific insights and action plans.


Thank you Angela, I had the most productive day I have had in ages. I estimate that I am going to save 1-2 hours per day by being more effective following your training so it was certainly a worthwhile day out of the office!
- Rob Borland, Validation Engineer, Caterpillar

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