Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you.
- Aldous Huxley

Qualified By Experience

1-day course.

Course Objectives

To enable managers & leaders to identify pivotal experiences of adversity that have shaped their character and informed how they lead. That insight can be used to further their leadership careers and, by sharing their leadership lessons, develop future leaders.


This training has been delivered to cohorts of high potential senior managers and directors at FTSE100 companies to highlight the process by which leaders gain insight from experience and leverage that insight to create new opportunities to accelerate learning.


Through real-life examples, self-assessments and step-by-step exercises leaders can extract more insight from daily work and life experience; improve their performance and increase their capacity for change. Borrowing a simple framework from storytelling enables leaders to craft engaging anecdotes that convey their authentic leadership lessons to others in ways that transcend context and time.

Key Benefits

As a result of fully participating in the course delegates will know how to

  • Extract insight from experience, understanding that sound judgement can only be acquired through experience.
  • Develop authenticity – know what they stand for, have the courage of their convictions, and be able to strike a balance between ambition, ability and moral compass.
  • Gain resilience – through self-awareness and becoming alert to the warning signs of impending adversity with the ability to identify the necessary skills to cope, respond and learn.
  • Develop others and build engagement – through sharing their leadership lessons and listening to others.
  • Use a framework for learning how to practise leadership daily and also learn while doing so that they continue to extract insight from new experiences.
  • Put their learning into practice in the workplace by creating their own personal action plan during the course.

Training Style

The course is interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including structured exercises, personal reflection and action planning.

Who is it for?

Qualified by Experience has been used as part of a wider succession planning activity to support leaders in identifying and taking on more visible leadership responsibilities, by middle managers looking to continue an accelerated career path and all leaders and managers who recognise their responsibilities as a role model.

Key Content

  • Extracting insight from experience.
  • Types of pivotal experiences at each career stage.
  • What our experience tells us: lessons about leading.
  • What our experience tells us: lessons about learning.
  • Sharing your leadership lessons.
  • Taking action.

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All our courses are delivered at the client’s preferred venue (e.g. workplace or local hotel).


The content & examples can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific requirements.

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Every client’s needs are different. We offer a flexible delivery model and collaborative approach to deliver a complementary solution that integrates with your leadership strategy and existing training portfolio. Find out more in Services, or Contact Us to enquire about tailoring courses to meet your needs, master classes, webinars, open courses, bespoke training or broader leadership development solutions.

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Our approach

Our high quality instructor-led leadership training:

  • Delivers practical, actionable skills and behaviours
  • Informs and encourages dialogue to interpret ‘best practice’ into ‘future practice’
  • Focuses on the person, their growth and maximising their potential
  • Emphasises performance, effectiveness and solutions
  • Joins the dots between executive vision and front-line delivery

Actionable insights

  • Delegates are encouraged to question, discuss and challenge the material whether they are newly recruited graduates or members of the board.
  • All our trainers are current practitioners in their field and have cross-industry experience so delegates are ably supported to derive their own context-specific insights and action plans.


Angela is a very passionate, committed and extremely knowledgeable individual in the field of talent & leadership development and coaching.
- Tony Atherton, Head of Executive Development & International Learning at Rolls-Royce

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