Lumina Package – Personality + Emotion + DEBRIEF


90 minute phone debrief and discussion of key highlights from your Lumina Spark AND Emotion reports, by a practitioner, to apply the insights to your context. You SAVE 36% on cost of purchasing separately with this package!


The Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion reports are detailed, and written in plain English, for many people that’s gives them what they need. However, if you’d value the insights of a qualified Lumina practitioner, delivered in a coaching style, we can support you to maximise the value from your report. In particular your coach can help you to identify patterns across the two reports, fro example do you become overly optimistic when the pressure mounts and sacrifice attention to detail/process because of a focus on achieving deadlines? If you consider your personality traits as the various tools in your toolbox, it’s your level of emotional mastery that decides which tool you pick up.

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