Lumina Emotion – Emotional preferences report + DEBRIEF


Lumina report alongside 1-hour phone debrief and discussion of key highlights from your report, by a practitioner, to apply the insights to your context.


The Lumina Emotion report is detailed, and written in plain English, for many people that’s gives them what they need. However, if you’d value the insights of a qualified Lumina practitioner, delivered in a coaching style, we can support you with everything from a desire for deeper understanding of particular elements in your report, to a fast way to get to the few insights that are going to make the most difference, to applying the insights practically in real-life, at work or at home.  We’ll help you to maximise the value from your report.

Lumina Emotion is the next generation of professional development tools and uncovers the relationship between your inner feelings, emotions and behaviours. It examines unique patterns of behaviour, including how your emotional preferences inform your attitude to others, structure and goals, curiosity and change, direction of energy, emotional expression, outlook on life, self‐regard, emotional intensity and relationship with stress. It also measures four emotional agilities that make up emotional intelligence.

The diagrams and the language used to describe emotional traits are practical, memorable and actionable. A simple online questionnaire (20 mins) generates a highly personalised 50-page pdf report that describes your persona, considering you as a whole person through the 3 lenses of underlying, every-day and overextended.

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