Audio Download: One Hour of Practical Resilience Tips (2016)


1-hour audio sharing 70 practical hints and tips for staying healthy, sane and spirited in a demanding world. Includes the early warning signs before burn out. Listen to a sample.


Workplace stress has reached epidemic proportions. The total number of working days lost due to stress in the UK last year is the equivalent of 50,000 people taking one year off work, it is costing UK businesses billions. Having burned out whilst in a corporate job as a change management consultant in 2010… and then bounced back, Angela is passionate about sharing some of the lessons she learned along the way, lessons that can save lives.  All of the ideas are simple, free, require no special kit and can be done anywhere – ideal for ambitious professionals, people with highly mobile roles, entrepreneurs, busy parents and anyone else who could do with an extra day in the week! Listen to a sample.

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