Purpose: more magic moments

The moments that remind you it's great to be alive
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Purpose-driven leaders
Sustainable high performance
Happier humans
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In my previous career I was a change management specialist leading national and global change programmes.  I worked for a global management consulting firm that was known for high performance, and had a work-hard-play-hard culture.

In the years following the global financial crisis the pressure was relentless and senior leaders were deaf to escalating risks of team burn out.  In 2010 my colleague Sam, from a different team, died at his desk from stress.  I repeat… he died at his desk. He was an athletic man in his early thirties and left a wife and small child behind.

In that pivotal moment I vowed that noone would ever die on my watch.

A couple of weeks later, I burned out… and then bounced back.  My resolve to create change by insisting on more humane leadership practices was further strengthened by my own experience.

Three years after that pivotal moment, I left my corporate job to start my own leadership development firm working with board members and senior leaders to create a culture of sustainable high performance. Demand was high and I soon attracted other coaches and facilitators who have the same passion for developing leaders.

We equip leaders with the mind-set, skill-set and behaviours necessary to deliver commercial results and evolve their firm’s products and services… without breaking themselves, the business, or their people in the process.  We spend a significant proportion of our lives at work; as leaders and employees we have a responsibility for creating an environment in which people can thrive and do their best work.

It is our absolute conviction that when we are healthier and happier at work we achieve more and have better self-esteem, and that positively impacts our personal relationships and parenting too.  Why stop there? When we take great care of ourselves we have more energy to give others and we can make a bigger difference in our communities and beyond to the global village.

Would you like to experience more magic moments that remind you it is great to be alive? Or maybe get home in time to read your child a bedtime story?  If the answer is yes, I very much look forward to starting a conversation about how we can work together to achieve sustainable high performance for your firm.

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