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We develop people within professional service firms looking to go from good to great
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Leadership, collaboration, change and resilience

We partner with purpose-driven professional services firms looking to go from good to great, and sustain high performance long-term.  From one-to-one coaching to firm-wide leadership and change programmes we help individuals and teams achieve their potential by equipping them with the mind set, skill set and behaviours needed to deliver commercial results.  

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Create a clear plan of action to implement...

Significant change and rapid growth

Although you have already absorbed and responded to change you need some additional support because the gap between where you are now and what you want to achieve feels bigger or more complex than you have experienced before.

Solution: Change management consultancy

Solution Workshops: Leading Change (1 day), Managing Change (2 days), Delivering Change (1 day)

Outcome: Peace of mind that the people delivering the change have signed up to a clear plan of action, with measurable outcomes, and are able to deliver the changes, at pace, alongside current delivery commitments.

Apply tools and establish habits to...

Develop robust and resilient teams

When your people are under pressure and starting to feel the strain or you have some big challenges coming up and need to collectively gather your strength before you get going.

Solution: Personal resilience workshops (half or full day).

Outcome: Individuals take ownership for their wellbeing and develop habits that support them in bringing their A-game to work, and life.

Tried and tested programmes that deliver...

Capability and collaboration for leadership teams

You have some great individuals in senior roles but varying degrees of ability to lead your firm into the future. Individual actions are not always aligned to strategy and you’d like to achieve ‘more than the sum of the parts’ as a leadership team.

Solution: Leadership development programme (circa 8 days over 10 months)

Outcome: A cohort of leaders, each with their authentic style, who step up, speak up, show up and scale up to inform and deliver your business strategy.

Solution: Highly Effective Collaboration Programme (circa 6 days over 8 months).

Outcome: Full alignment of leadership team efforts. Tackled tricky conversations and resolved root causes of persistent issues. Maximised productivity on highest priorities and increased trust leading to measurable success.

Skill-based workshops and programmes delivering

Management training to keep you on target

When your employees haven’t had management training before and you want to equip them with the core skills to ensure everyone in their team is engaged and effective in their roles.

Solution: Skill-based workshops (half or full day).

Solution: Management Development Programme

Outcome: Engaged employees, delighted customers, enhanced problem-solving, commercially aware decision-making and consistent business results.

One to one coaching to...

Raise individual performance

You have a particular individual whose existing behaviours are no longer relevant for your progressive firm and you’re not sure how to encourage a shift.  Or you see real potential in someone and are preparing them to succeed at the next level.

Solution: One-to-one executive/performance coaching

Solution: Psychometric profile (Lumina)

Outcome: Increased self-awareness, breakthrough behaviour change, promotion-ready performance.

Self-funded support to

Maximise my potential

You know you have more potential but your employer is not investing in your growth, or you want to develop yourself and your career ‘off the record’.

Solution: One-to-one executive/performance coaching

Solution: Psychometric profile (Lumina)

Outcome: Increased self-awareness, clarity on your purpose and future, breakthrough behaviour change, promotion-ready performance, or anything else you want to achieve!

Gain clarity and costed recommendations to...

Develop your people

You don’t have strategic learning and development capability in-house. You believe in developing people, you’ve made a start, but are not sure what people development initiatives will deliver most value in supporting you to achieve your business ambition.

Solution: Learning and Development Consultancy

Outcome: Clarity of need and costed recommendations on how and when to develop your people to achieve your business strategy.

Some or all of the above

Bespoke learning and development solutions

We also design and deliver away-days, key note presentations and more.  We’re well connected, and happy to collaborate with other suppliers. If you don’t see what you need please get in touch. We’re versatile in how we deliver value.

Solution: Bespoke development solutions

Outcome: Achieve your specific outcomes

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