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What you need to know

We are outcome-obsessed, responsive, resourceful, experienced coaches and leaders who have a track record in delivering sustainable, embedded behaviour changes that directly impact your bottom line through engaging and challenging your people. 

We invest 10% of our time ensuring our training is current and based on emerging insights across learning and development, neuroscience and the use of technology to support learning.  We don’t trot out hackneyed sporting analogies, we do use anecdotes that illustrate and demonstrate concepts in real world, current business contexts.

We work with clients in legal and financial services, IT, consulting, higher education and with ‘head-office’ teams. We’ve got plenty of qualifications between us and we love to work with people who question and challenge new ideas – that’s how learning happens.

Our values

Our values are bold, kind, true, impact, partner and play, our manifesto expresses some of what those words mean for us.

If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values; they’re hobbies.

 Jon Stewart

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We are focused:

We only work with professional services clients, we understand your context, opportunities and constraints.

We are experienced:

We have all held senior leadership positions, we share anecdotes of how to apply the theory in practice.

Our track record:

100% of our business comes via referrals because we always deliver on our commitments.

We are experts:

We are experts in adult learning and experienced coaches, we make learning ‘stick’ and create lasting behaviour change.

The right attitude:

We walk our talk on sustainable high performance and go the extra mile on developing trusted partnerships with our clients.


We needed an external company to bring high quality coaches able to support and challenge our strong-willed leadership team to identify and lead strategic change and engage our people. Angela delivered; her coachees have been promoted and won awards, I’m delighted with the outcomes.

Kath Mitchell
Vice Chancellor - University of Derby

When you are responsible for designing and delivering an event for the top 45 leaders in the business and you are part of that peer group, it carries a fair degree of risk! Angela was really easy to work with. She listened to our needs, engaged with our leaders to help shape the design and delivered a really effective session. So impactful and leading to behavioural change – perfect.

Ray Jackson
Head of Learning and Development, Coventry Building Society

Why we do what we do

It is our absolute conviction that when we are healthier and happier at work we achieve more and have better self-esteem, and that positively impacts our personal relationships and parenting too.  

We believe:
  • Outstanding leadership requires capability and character
  • People inherently want to do a good job, show them how
  • Knowledge is only potential power, we must DO what we know
  • Change is complex enough, use simple models and make progress
  • Great trust, great collaboration, great results

Meet The Team

Angela Armstrong

Owner, Lead Coach & Facilitator

Dave Buffham

Coach & Facilitator

Clare Burgum

Coach & Facilitator

Ian Shreeve

Coach & Facilitator

Our Manifesto

More of what we are about (and what we are not)

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