About The Resilience Club

Today’s leaders are navigating rapidly evolving technology, organisational uncertainty, financial pressure and changing client demands. At the same time employees expect leaders to be purpose-driven, authentic, inspiring, inclusive and to create an environment where they feel safe to discuss mental health. Balancing the many demands on leaders at work, and at home, requires resilience.

Angela defines resilience as the ability to take the challenges and changes of life in your stride and say yes to the opportunities that excite you.

The resilience habits in this book are entirely within your control, simple to understand, quick to do, can be done anywhere, cost no money and require no kit.

  • You can immunise yourself against the rising tide of workplace stress by adopting these simple and powerful resilience habits. Having spent 30 years as a business leader, I recognise The Resilience Club as a valuable source of lessons learned that underpin sustainable high performance.

    Mike Byrne
    Managing Director, Birkdale Consultancy Limited
  • Higher education is undergoing a period of significant change. Angela’s insights and experience on change, leadership and resilience inspire and support us to continually deliver excellence. Developing proactive resilience practices is vital for staff and student well-being, and for student employability.

    Professor Kath Mitchell
    Vice-Chancellor, University of Derby
  • The world belongs to the resilient. Join The Resilience Club to multiply purposeful energy in yourself and all those you touch.

    Kevin Cashman
    Global Leader, Korn Ferry
  • The Resilience Club is an essential and practical guide for those seeking to deliver high quality, sustainable results.

    Tony Bickerstaff
    CFO, Costain Group PLC
  • It’s great to see a micro-learning approach in The Resilience Club. Having 30 habits is very reader-friendly for busy people.

    Helen Routledge
    CEO, Totem Learning
  • Now is the time to understand that working on our personal resilience is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

    Jaime Maxwell-Grant
    EMEA Digital Practice Lead, Korn Ferry
  • If you are looking to shift the perception of well-being and resilience from something ‘fluffy’ to a core part of driving excellence in performance, then Angela is your woman.

    Nic Heffernan
    Head of Corporate Projects, Coventry Building Society
  • These simple, powerful habits help you to stay healthy, sane and spirited in a demanding world.

    Carrie Caldine
    Owner and MD, Right Legal Group
  • Packed with tried-and-tested habits to manage your time, energy and emotions so you have more capacity to get stuff done.

    Daniel Priestley
    CEO, Dent Global
  • Investing in your personal resilience is the best career move you’ll ever make. The Resilience Club shows you how.

    Debra Martin
    Partner, Geldards LLP
  • As a person, Angela exemplifies integrated leadership, skilfully blending deep compassion and care for the individual with a results-driven focus for the business. The habits in The Resilience Club provide a simple “how to” for you to do the same.

    Okokon Udo, PhD
    consultant, coach, speaker, professor and facilitator
  • Mental health is a current issue that both employer and employee need to work on. I’ve spent seventeen years in HR roles. Angela’s insights and refreshing blend of being both bold and kind really works. I’m recommending The Resilience Club to everyone in a stretch role.

    Jenny Tomkins
    HR Operations Director, Costain Group PLC
  • Leadership resilience should not be left to chance. The Resilience Club includes habits to help you develop clarity of purpose, vulnerability-based trust, adaptability and personal alignment.

    John D Anderson MBE
    Performance Director, British Canoeing 1997–2017
  • Supporting people to improve their personal resilience is a hot topic for leaders across our global network. The Resilience Club offers practical solutions that are simple, fast and free.

    Jenni Waller
    Executive Director, Maximum Performance International

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